About Nudge

tl;dr Nudge sends desktop notifications when
you are unproductive. They look like this:

Simply add and remove distracting sites from your
personalized "Blacklist" and we'll take care of the rest!


Q: Elaborate "Blacklist."

A: In essence, the Blacklist is a list of URL's that
you might want to avoid while working. Here's mine:
If Nudge catches me spending too much time on any of these
sites, then it will send me a desktop notification (pictured above).

Q: Why are desktop notifications superior to blocking unproductive sites?

A: Blocking services are childish, tedious, and downright ugly. At the end of the day, you should have the ability to decide when to take a break and for how long. This service is a nudge not a shove.

Q: How often will nudge send a notification?

A: ~5 minutes at the fastest and only if it catches unproductively.

Q: Who made this?

A: Max Albert and Ben Freiband. Two juniors at the University of Michigan studying computer science. Made with love at Grizzhacks.

Q: Why make this?

Big social media is cancerous for our productivity. Every week it develops a new feature that incapsulates its audience to an unhealthy extent. The students and workers of the world deserve better. That's why we thought we'd fight back with a one of their nasty tricks: The Desktop Notification.

We enjoy productivity. You should too.